Asking questions on the internet

I’ve been asking more questions on twitter (like this) and on my blog (at the end of posts) more frequently.

Previously, I felt pressure to only present completed things to the world—polished blog posts with clear points, fully fleshed out memes that were sure to get a laugh—because I wanted to make sure my readers/ followers were getting value from me. I wanted to give and asking questions felt like taking.

Now I’m realizing that asking questions can be positive sum. My thinking improves because I get answers. But these questions can sometimes turn into pop-up water coolers where smart people that otherwise wouldn’t collide with each other can discuss big ideas.

To tie it to my post yesterday on SF as a Schelling point, by asking resonant questions and exposing enough people to those questions, you can create the same kind of spontaneous creativity that Steve Jobs wanted in the Pixar atrium. There are a lot of things to be frustrated about when it comes to social media. But sometimes you see strangers spontaneously collaborating around ideas and remember how wonderful it can be.