Changes to the blog

I’ve taken time off maybe twice over the last year and a half of writing. I go into it thinking this will be nice. But I hate it. I feel congested. Like there’s a nasty blockage in my brain. I feel depressed.

It’s like a flu. It has physical effects–an unusual combination of torpor and anxiety. But mostly it’s mental–a haze, lack of focus, poor clarity of thought. Blog withdrawal is a bitch.

Getting back to regularly scheduled posts usually fixes it. So I’m glad to be back. But I bring changes.

More posts

Rather than one weekly public post, I’m going to try dailyish (I’d expect 4-5 posts a week). The weekly started when I was voraciously exploring any and all facets of the industry and forced me to codify my findings. The primary benefit was to clarify my thinking. It served as a sort of high effort journal.

Lately, I’ve felt like weekly isn’t frequent enough to serve its purpose to clarify my day-to-day thinking. And it’s too frequent for higher investment, meatier pieces. So I feel pressure to produce something “good” each week (completely self-inflicted) which competes with my more important goal of just making sense of my observations and jotting them down.

More personal

When I started the blog, I made a hard commitment to avoid talking about anything that I was involved in as a team member or investor. This was to avoid conflicts of interest, something that is very poorly managed in this industry. I also avoided running ads or doing and sponsorships for the same reason.

I’m realizing now that where I placed myself on that spectrum came at the cost of being unable to share some of the more interesting experiences I’m having building and investing in digital assets. I thought my readers wanted cold, hard, objectivity but I’m finding that mostly people want to know what I think, biases and all.

So I’m going to experiment with allowing myself to speak more freely about things I’m involved, choices I’m making, things that happened to me, theses and so on. Please hold me accountable. If it’s not working let me know.

Less paywall

I haven’t had time to figure out exactly what I want to do with the membership paywall. I’ll need some more time to poll members and see how they feel. So for now the Thursday post will remain reserved for members. But I have a desire to unpaywall the whole thing and open up the archive. Member support is still how I’d like to keep the lights of this operation on (and if you enjoy this blog and want to see it thrive please consider becoming one), but every time I send a member post I feel a little sad it’s not available to more people.

But even if that Thursday paywall stays up, I’ll be posting more frequently throughtout the week so as a ratio there’s less paywall.

New longer-term projects

Behind the scenes, I’ve started a few larger investment projects (think books, research reports, etc.). I don’t have a timeframe for these and they might not get published at all. But by separating the daily journal type writing from the deeper work, I’m hoping to create more space to produce useful artifacts for others to use.

And the podcast is on hiatus (but not cancelled!). I was very happy with the first season of episodes with crypto people. Thanks so much to the guests and to all of you who checked it out. My intention is to do seasons with different themes. So this will be season 1 with crypto people. Next season maybe internet writers across domains. Etc.

As always, thanks for reading and commenting. And if you have any feedback or just wanna chat you know where to find me.