Friday Stuff: #CryptoForBlackLives, Podcasts on Yield Farming, Live Stream

Hope everybody had a great week. Some miscellanea going into the weekend:

I am supporting #CryptoForBlackLives. Like so many of those around me, I was deeply moved by the protests following the murder of George Floyd. Growing up Chinese in white communities, I was not blind to race but beyond first hand encounters with racism, I did not learn about it. These protests were an awakening. I fell deep down the rabbit hole of black history and came out angry, sad, and even ashamed of my own ignorance. A major reason I care about crypto is the promise of building fairer systems. America is a system fundamentally unfair to black people and by donating to the grassroots organizations trying to change this, we can do our small part in building a fairer system.

I appeared in two podcast episodes this week on Yield Farming. In addition to the basics of the phenomenon which I've covered on the blog and on twitter, I go a little more in depth on yield farming as a meme in the context of competing social movements on Luke's podcast and on Laura's podcast I say more on how this could all go right, leaving us with public goods that are owned and governed by the people that use it most. Let me know how they are because I can't stand watching myself in interviews. If you have questions, leave them in the comments.

Finally, I'm starting a weekly stream and need your help picking a time. I'm planning on watching videos, reading posts and tweets, playing with apps, answering questions I’ve gotten over the course of the week, and just hanging out with y'all in a cozy and positive environment. One of our first segments will be social trading on Matcha. Will from 0x has graciously agreed to seed us with $1K to play with. Let's turn that into $1M. All money goes to charity at the end of the year.

Please take this quick survey so I can pick a weekly timeslot that most people can make.