Along the lines of following creators... I think these mediums would be smart to push for more two-way communication between creator/audience. This differentiates their value proposition drastically away from pure tools like Mailchimp.

For ex. one thing I'd love to see happen with Substack is the ability to "re-blog" or easily embed quotes from other newsletters, helping with discoverability, but also turning the whole platform into more of a conversational platform.

The same seems to be being attempted in streaming (Twitch) and Podcasting (Anchor). Twitch streamers realized that the way to grow their platforms was to "host" others on their channel when they were off the air.

Anchor is attempting to create more social interactions by allowing listeners to submit audio clips.

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That's insightful. Creates a denser network of connections. It's something I liked about Tumblr in the early days (reblogging).

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